Skill Development

Skill Development

At Udyat Foundation we believe that self-respect, enhanced confidence and high esteem can take people to greater heights, in our foundation we open the doors and give opportunity to our people so that explore their own ability to create and establish their own livelihood through the skills that they learn.At the Udyat Foundation we have various programs, such as the Computer Education, Solar Training, Tailoring classes, Vocational training workshops, etc.

Life Skills Education

Teaches teamwork, problem solving, managing self, learning to learn and communications to children and young people, helping them become more resilient and show higher self-efficacy in the face of destabilisers like child marriage.

Education Enhancement

Provides individuals with Education Enhancement that improves their basic literacy, numeracy and their overall grades.

Employability Skills Education

Includes financial literacy, digital literacy, spoken English and career awareness that will help young people to get a job of their choice.

Livelihood Connect

Involves sector-specific training in Retail, IT, BFSI, e-commerce; placement and post-placement support to help young people to not just get jobs but stay with their jobs.

Community Connect

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